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  1. Ellara

    3.9 Stat Cap

    Thanks for your reply! I was wondering mostly for the Tiamat Stronghold instance (Tiamat Fortress). At a certain amount of accuracy you'll have enough to no longer get block or evade on the bosses, but if eternal gear covers all accuracy needs that's perfect 🙂 I assume for Dragon Lord's Refuge (Tiamat Hideout) stat requirements are a bit higher than for Tiamat Stronghold still?
  2. Ellara

    3.9 Stat Cap

    I've been searching online for old 3.x guides to understand what the current stat caps for PvE are (crit, accuracy), but didn't find anything so far. Crit must be somewhere around 750 I think. Is there someone who could confirm the numbers? If people are interested in MA and MB numbers too I could log them in the post if someone shares them. Thanks!
  3. If you're looking for an English speaking legion there is Resistance, you can find us on the Elyos side. You can reply here or whisper me in-game, my nickname is Ellara. Or send me a friend request if I'm offline. Hope to see you soon!