Experiment №8: Critical craft

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Good Day, Dear Players.

Not much time has passed and our 8th testing article is released. Today we have decided to collect statistics regarding Crafting Crit rate.

Items used:

  • Manastone: Crit Strike +12 x4000
  • Fine Catalyst x2000
  • Noble Horned Dragon King's Durable Malevite Glasses x1000
  • Some items for glasses recipe

We started with glasses craft. As always, test was done in segments of x100 crafts times 10 (Inventory issues).



As expected, results are in correlation with the test made on Russian official server - https://4gameforum.com/threads/153368/

We moved on to the Manastones.



Unfortunately, the crit chances are slightly lower than the ones we got with glasses, which also happened on the Russian official server test - https://4gameforum.com/threads/156404/

After testing in Pandemonium, we decided to move on to Pernon and check if location changes anything.

Unfortunately, the dog ate the tests results of glasses. But Manastones testing were left for us to show - Same craft crit chance as in Pandemonium



See you on the next article!

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